Nootropics 2

Things that increase Brain function, categorised

1. behavioral techniques like meditation, hypnosis, bibliotherapy, and even CBT

2. exercise, fasting, diet

3. Breathing oxygen, IR lasering, ultrasound, binaural beats, direct current

Now onto chemical things:

a) things that increase / inhibit various neuro transmitters
That is most nootropics
Many act on the choline system

b) synapto-genesis, neuro-genesis, (dendrite genesis?) etc

c) HDAC inhibitor
To restore synaptic plasticity
I think this comes under b)

Increased blood flow to brain through exercise + things that dilate blood vessels. This will get more oxygen and nutrients in.

1. Increase acetylcholine
2. inhibit acetylcholinesterase
Need to provide the body with choline, if you want to do either of these

HDAC inhibitor
To restore synaptic plasticity

DiHexa — generate more synapses (10^7 x > BDNF)

BDNF&NGF to promote dendrite growth


NSI-189 — neurogenisis in hippocampus

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