Notes for installing Mono on OS X

You need to ignore "Binaries for Mono 3.0 are currently available as a beta release".

MRE 'Mono runtime environment"
MDK 'Mono developer kit"

If you just need the MONO framework on your machine, say you need to build some package that depends on MONO, just install MRE

If you want to do dev-work with MONO, install MDK + MonoDevelop

You can also ignore the "System.Windows.Forms applications require X11" line, which is misleading as it makes you think you need to get X11 — OSX has shipped with X11 since 10.5

When you click MonoDevelop it points you to, and one download you need is "Xamarin Studio…" Which is the same as "MonoDevelop"

Don't be confused by the splash screen when you launch Xamarin Studio, it should say "welcome to Xamarin Studio, formally MonoDevelop, it is complete for OSX dev, but if you want to deploy to iOS & Android you will have to buy extensions.

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